Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Experiment Over

It didn't make me feel better. Still the occasional mood swing / outburst / fuck the world.

That said, I will strive to limit my additives and preservatives but won't go out of my way.

But the caffeine headaches are gone, as is the desire for soda. That's a huge plus.

Hey Greg. Put your right thumbnail on your heart and try to bite your ear. Take a pic of that and post it please. Kanadian.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, the picture has been taken. However, I feel it should be said that one must have a heart before one can put anything up to it.
Secondly, I think part of your struggle with the additives/perservatives is that your fascination with putting things in your butt is where the problem lies. For God's sake, do not go back to the small rodents, but try something new. I dunno, maybe like, not putting additives and perservatives in your nether regions?? Just an observation and suggestion.
Thirdly, Anyone that knows you at all should know that you are pissy, whiney and bitchy by nature. Lest it be said that those emotions increase 7-fold once you have some alcohol in you!
I am glad the headaches are gone with the soda addiction. It just proves that when you stop shoving Mt Dew bottles in your anus, you can kick the habit! I have never felt so proud of you.
Lastly, if the Rams win 4 games this year, it may be the last sign of the apocolypse. So, if they win 3....start making your lists!
RAIDERS beat the Chefs at arrowhead!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAOH,MNAA WOW, that felt gooooood! HAHEHehAhehaheHSHHhEHhaAHehEHahEH

Ariesgeek said...

...and multiply it by 10-fold at any time over the last 4 - 6 months, thereabouts.