Monday, September 29, 2008

The Rams New Coach?

Incase you haven't heard, the Rams have fired Linehan. Good move. I don't care what the national idiots say, it was a good move.

Now move on. What about Haslett? For those of you who don't know his history, he was the coach of the Saints back when we had quite a rivalry going with them. It was well-known that he and Mike Martz didn't like each other. It's important to remember that he hated Martz, not the Rams. In fact, OPace, Little, and Holt are probably the only remnants of that team.

For the last year or 2, Jim Haslett has been our defensive coordinator. Ok so he hasn't done that great of a job, but then again I'm not sure that he's had a chance.

The Rams need a defensive-minded coach. And a coach who likes the run. That's Jimmy boy.

I hope the Rams make Haslett the head coach for the remainder of the year. This would be a good thing.

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