Friday, September 26, 2008

OMG! My Eyes!

So I looked in the mirror today. I paid special attention to my eyes. Wanted to see the dark spots under my eyes and see if they're better or worse. They're better today than they've been all week. That's a good thing. But they have a LOT more wrinkles. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I didn't look like that a month ago.

So AT&T has finished running fiber to my neighborhood. I need to meet da man at my house today to dump the DSL and get on their UVerse fiber network. 10Mbps! w00t! Well, for 30 days anyway, then I get cut back to a 6Mbps connection. But still, that rox. And now that it's on fiber, only one way to go from there!

I'll be playing Kanadian Golf tomorrow. My father-in-law and our golf buddy will be playinig regular golf. I'll be sharing a kart with the Kanadian, so we'll be playinig Kanadian golf. Kanadians don't use drivers, they use 5-woods. But for whatever reason they outdrive everyone else. Kanadians also say things like, "Fuck Golf" at random times. And they don't know how to putt. Must be all the hockey.

Tomorrow night: BBQ + booze - negativity = fun.

OBTW.. Has anyone heard from Ba? The greatest Kenyan to ever grace the face of the planet?


Anonymous said...

BBQ+Booze+Pai+Relaxation=good times!The family will finally be all back together again for a night .... at least until tropical storm Kyle becomes a hurricane .....
Fck hurricanes ... and on that note, Fck Kanadian Hurrikanes too!

Ariesgeek said...

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Kanadia does not get hurricanes, too much snow, eh? I can shove that 5-wood in your nether regions, or wood (pun totally intended) you prefer a new 7-wood? BTW, the family cannot be complete without cuzin it!

Ariesgeek said...

Is that your way of inviting yourself over for some Q tonight? If so, then come on over. If not, then go eat some yellow Kanadian snow.