Sunday, September 14, 2008

How 'Bout Those Rams!

Buncha fucktards if you ask me.

In other news, Emma now has 2 additional holes in her head. I think P took some pics. Maybe she can post some?

The boys are loving their bunk beds which are actually not stacked at the moment as Joey was a bit nervous.

Wanna know what it's like to live in Kanadia? Rent Trailer Park Boys. Funny movie.

Soviet Kanuckistan!

Greg check out "Use Me" by Hinder. Tell me who they remind you of. about. on. aboot. on top of.

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Anonymous said...

Pai did get the pics ... but B posted them !!! Lol! I'm in charge of all things pictoral and media related! Go to my space and check 'em out!! They're adorable! On a different note ..... Pai is running off again ( not happily ) to defend the world's creatures and their families from the floods .... Just left a few minutes ago ... no eta home yet .....